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Missionary Reports
These Missionaries' have submitted reports within the last three months,
click on their name to view their reports.

The date by the name indicates when the report was updated. 
"Direct to site" means the reports are updated on the missionaries' own web pages. 

Kevin AMBURGEY (Missouri)  2-15-18

Jim BLACK (Bulgaria)  1-11-18

Toby CRIBBS Sr (Jails and Prisons)  2-12-18

Tony HANSEN (Ukraine)  1-22-18

Joshua HARGIS (Illinois)  2-21-18

Kevin HUTCHESON (Romania)  2-12-18

Shin KAMODA (Japan)  1-18-18






Scott MANESS (Argentina) 2-2-18

Gilberto PINZON (S America) 2-7-18

Mike ROGERS (Romania) 2-8-18

Jack SLAY (Jails)  1-19-18  

David SCHNECK (The World)  1-25-18  

Alan SCHOEFF (Virginia)  2-14-18  

Gary WEIDENBACH (Macedonian Missionary Service)  1-17-18 




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